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Everything you need to switch from StoryShop to Plot Factory.

Everything StoryShop Users Need to Know About Our Closure and Transition to Plot Factory

*UPDATED 06/16/2020

We will be updating this post on a regular basis to include all new information about the process of handing the baton to Plot Factory. Below, you will find a timeline and a FAQ. If you have a question you don't see addressed below, please email [email protected].

A Note from Co-founder and CEO of StoryShop

Dear StoryShoppers,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce StoryShop is going away. By this October, we will be shuttered for good. Covid-19 has not been the only reason for this decision, but the pandemic has certainly provided a resounding finality.

We have teamed up with Plot Factory, who we see as StoryShop’s spiritual successor, to provide all of our StoryShop users with the writing tools and resources you deserve. Jeff Yeon, founder and lead developer of Plot Factory, has built a shockingly familiar platform that accomplishes much of StoryShop’s vision in a clean, intuitive package. We’ve already grown a kinship with Jeff during our teleconferences, and we know you will love what he’s built with Plot Factory.

Making this tough decision boiled down to two things for us here at StoryShop. One, we shot for the stars and missed. Because of this, we had an uphill climb in front of us. Two, we strongly felt our users deserved something better than what we are currently able to provide. When we found Plot Factory, we knew we were looking at the fulfillment of the promise we made to all of you back when we started this adventure. This transition to Plot Factory is about seeing the dream through to the end while providing you with the best tools available once StoryShop has gone.

Plot Factory is the writing software we’ve always envisioned, only executed much more elegantly than what we were able to accomplish. We are willing to recognize game when we see it. Because of Plot Factory’s excellent execution of the ideals we hold dear, we recommend them as the writing solution for ourselves as well as for all of you, our wonderful StoryShop users.

In the coming weeks and months we will send weekly emails updating you on the transition process from StoryShop to Plot Factory. We are working behind the scenes to ensure as many user’s needs are met as possible. We invite you to check out Plot Factory, BUT PLEASE DO NOT BEGIN LOADING YOUR CONTENT onto Plot Factory. Together with Jeff, we are building a migration script that will auto-magically transfer your worlds and stories from StoryShop to Plot Factory if and when you click that you wish to do so.

While StoryShop is going away, Fiction Vortex (the parent company) will continue to provide collaborative stories from shared StoryVerses. We will share with you what we’ve learned about the changing industry of publishing due to Covid-19 and what it means for us writers moving forward. Like those before us who have endured uncertain times, we know these uncertainties will sprout new opportunities. We are embracing them, and we encourage you to do the same.

Please keep your eyes open for these weekly emails, so that we don’t leave anyone out of this transition process. Once again, please do not begin the process of uploading your content to Plot Factory as we will soon provide an auto-magical method of doing this via your consent and the click of a button.

Peace and success to you on your writing journey,

David Mark Brown


The "Easy Button of Migration" is LIVE!

Log in to StoryShop and click the button from your Account page. No Cost. No Commitment. No copy and paste. Plot Factory has a free subscription level, so even if your budget is $0.00, you should give it a try.

Take the Survey to Improve Plot Factory

What features would your dream writing software include?

Timeline for the Transition (Best Estimations)

May 21st:

  • Announcement of the closure of StoryShop and the recommended, optional transition to Plot Factory for all users.
  • Publishing of FAQ for transition
  • No longer taking new StoryShop subscriptions (directing all new interest to Plot Factory)

May 28th:

  • More detailed announcement of how paying StoryShop customers will have the full extent of their subscriptions honored on Plot Factory. (click here for full details)
  • First video tutorial for how StoryShop users can transition smoothly and get the most out of Plot Factory

June 4th:

  • More detailed explanation of how the "easy button" for data migration will work and how it will transport your content from StoryShop to Plot Factory, if you choose to press it.
  • Second video tutorial covering features StoryShoppers will love on Plot Factory.
  • More detailed announcement of what the early StoryShop Kickstarter Backers can expect if they opt to transition to Plot Factory (click here for full details for lifetime backers).

June 11th:

  • "Easy Button" for migration to Plot Factory goes live. This button is optional. There is no cost or commitment to Plot Factory by clicking the button. Your financial information is NOT transferred. StoryShop will NOT share your story or world content with Plot Factory unless you authorize the migration.
  • Third video tutorial walks StoryShop users through the migration and finding your stuff on Plot Factory after the migration.

June 18th:

  • The importance of finding and sharing our voices during this time of systemic reform, just insurrection, and pandemic.
  • Further explanation and reminder of the special offers that Plot Factory is extending to StoryShop users. (Free month, etc.)
  • A video screencast highlighting some of the secret sauce of Plot Factory.

June 25th:

  • Introducing Jeff Yeon, the founder and developer of Plot Factory.
  • Another video screencast answering questions StoryShop users have asked.
  • User poll goes live for StoryShoppers migrating to Plot Factory RE feature suggestions and requests.

July 2nd:


August 6th:

  • Final update on the status of StoryShop and the projected death date when everyone must have content exported and/or migrated off of the platform.
  • StoryShop email accounts will be shut down.
  • StoryShop user ticket system will go offline.
  • Announcement of how to stay in touch with us if you wish.

September 1st -- October 31st:

  • will go offline permanently at some point during September or October. We will announce a specific date by early August based on feedback from our users.


Is my content safe?

Yes, absolutely. StoryShop will not shutter without warning. We will not leave you in the lurch without all opportunities to preserve your valuable writing.

Is StoryShop going to transfer or share my content with Plot Factory without my permission?

No. We are building a migration script that will enable any StoryShop user to voluntarily choose to transfer their content to Plot Factory. The choice will be entirely yours.

What should I do right now if I want to transfer my content to Plot Factory? Or if I just want to try it out?

If you wish to transfer your content from StoryShop to Plot Factory, no action is NEEDED by you at this point. We will announce when the "Easy Button" of migration is available for those who opt to press it. If you simply want to start using Plot Factory now, please do! If you use our affiliate link ( to set up your account it will help us pay off a small portion of our debts.

PLEASE DO NOT start transferring your content by hand. It's going to be painful for you, and all your work will probably be replaced by the migration process when it happens in a short time. And for us to be able to offer you the remainder of your paid subscription from StoryShop and/or your free offer on Plot Factory, it will be easiest to use the "Easy Button" of migration when it goes live.

Isn't it strange that StoryShop is sending its users to a competitor? Why Plot Factory?

Our mission has always been to provide the best writing software possible. Plot Factory has done a better job of fulfilling this promise. Game recognizes game. Our first loyalty is to our users. We think you're going to love Plot Factory as much as we do.

What is StoryShop getting out of this?

Besides the peace of mind from taking care of our users, we are an affiliate of Plot Factory. So if you migrate your data or use our affiliate link ( to Plot Factory, this will help us recoup a small portion of our losses and help us resolve our debts.

How will my world-building and beats content look after the migration process to Plot Factory?

We are building the migration script currently. Jeff Yeon, the owner and developer of Plot Factory is a very talented engineer. This is one of the main reasons we have fallen in love with Plot Factory and why we think they will succeed where StoryShop was unable to. While some of your content will inevitable be structured a bit differently on Plot Factory, we are confident we can move it cleanly.

Can I still export all of my content from StoryShop even if I choose to click the "Easy Button" of migration?

Of course. We recommend you export stuff for peace of mind. Hey, we're writers. If you're anything like us, you keep backups on external hard drives and in the cloud.

What happened?

Well, we bit off more than we could chew, so to speak. Execution and timing is everything. While we still think writers want and need a tool like StoryShop, we executed our vision poorly. The Covid-19 pandemic emphasized that we were not in a strong position as a company and that if we valued helping our users during these tough times, the best move would be to lend our strength to a platform better equipped to succeed and to help you succeed.

May 21, 2020


  1. Avatar
    Dale Szewczyk

    I am assuming when I transfer to Plot Factory my payment date will be the same since I already paid for this year or will have to pay again? I was hoping I wouldn’t have to pay twice as money is kinda tight for me.

    • Avatar
      StoryShop Uni

      Dale, yes, your payment date will remain the same. So you will receive the full year’s worth if you are an annual subscriber. Plot Factory has three paid tiers with the highest being normally $190 a year. I believe that is the level that all migrating StoryShop users will receive.

      • Avatar
        Dale Szewczyk

        Awesome! Just wanted to make sure. I appreciate all you guys have done with StoryShop, I am sad to see it all go, but I understand. Thank all of you for being so awesome to the customers!

  2. Avatar
    Dale Szewczyk

    Question, I signed up for Plot Factory, and since I am an annual member of StoryShop, if I read the last email right, when I enter my payment details I won’t get billed until my due date from StoryShop? If I go ahead and enter my payment credentials, will I get billed now? Or will PF recognize based on my email provided that I don’t get billed until my next pay cycle from StoryShop?

    • Avatar
      StoryShop Uni

      Dale, you will get the remainder of your current annual cycle on StoryShop credited to you after the migration to Plot Factory. So if your current renewal is good until say February of 2021 then you will receive Plot Factory’s subscription until then without any additional payment or charge. In addition to this, if you choose to flip on the autorenewal switch with Plot Factory within 30 days of migrating from StoryShop to Plot Factory you will get your first auto-renewal (in this example case, February of 2021) at a 50% discount. That renewal will charge you half price in February of 2021, and your Plot Factory subscription will be good to go until February of 2022.

      So you get what you paid for with StoryShop converted over to Plot Factory and then you get another year of Plot Factory for half off.

      I hope that clears it up!


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