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Take one old piece of work.
Shake off the cobwebs and blow away any exasperation.
Marinate in old feedback, new thoughts, and new skills.
Leave overnight.

In the morning:

Unroll two new concepts.
Work together gently, adding words and ideas gradually as needed to make more pliable.
When the new concepts mixture is well worked and in a pleasing consistency, set aside.

Take out the marinating work.
Shake off any excess. Trim roughly to desired length.
Work gently, kneading away rough edges and incorporating all elements seamlessly.
Mix in the new concept mixture with care, ensuring the old work and new mixture are thoroughly melded.

Roll out onto a suitable work-space, trim to required length and leave to set for a few hours, overnight, or longer if possible. Do not disturb this process.

Decorate with dashes of color, sparkles and swirls of wit, insight, and sweeps of emotion. Take your time and be as creative and artistic as you wish.

Serve at a niche market with an accompaniment of optimism.




Leenna Naidoo

Leenna writes cross-genre suspense, romance, and dabbles in sci-fi/fantasy. She also reads the tarot.  When not writing, she often tries her hand at anything vaguely artistic, including her new passion—frankenstitching bags and purses—and developing her own oracle cards.

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