Photo Prompt: What Am I

original photo and artwork by Leenna Naidoo

Hi, and welcome to my first ever post on SSU!

I was prompted (pun-intended—never mind you’ll get used to it) to share writing/poetry/ art/whatever-you-wish-it-for prompts.
I tend to use tarot cards and other oracles as prompts when I’m too lazy to dig up a photo, so expect a range of different sorts in my presentations to you.

I’m also really into exploring potential, especially when it comes to new expressions of creativity and developing new skills, as well as for personal growth. I might drop a few posts on those topics as well, which I hope will prompt you to explore your own creativity and expression, too!

Here’s to a plethora of prompts—both for creativity and our own personal growth!

And to start us off, here’s my first ever prompt for SSU. It’s neither riddle, nor much of a rhyme, but I’m intrigued by the photo, taken by myself in lands far away…

Make of it what you will.

Happy writing!

writing prompt


Leenna Naidoo

Leenna writes cross-genre suspense, romance, and dabbles in sci-fi/fantasy. She also reads the tarot.  When not writing, she often tries her hand at anything vaguely artistic, including her new passion—frankenstitching bags and purses—and developing her own oracle cards.

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