Leveraging SS Beats Mode (Story Structure)

Story structure!!!!

There, now that we've got that out of the way, we can simply talk about the logical framework from which to hang your story. Sure, you could fill an entire university class with jabber about classic story structure and all the different templates you could use to communicate what to whom. But the bottom line is finding a skeleton that helps you flesh out the best possible story for your reader.

Part of the challenge of building the proper story structure is keeping track of the structure over hundreds of pages. You've probably noticed, but novels and series can be pretty complicated structures!

You're in luck, StoryShop is there for you! StoryShop uses a simplified beats bar to grant you access to your basic structure components (scenes and chapters/episodes) while writing your story. But StoryShop also offers a more powerful Beats Mode for planning out and structuring your story.

Diving into SS Beats Mode

From the main editor, click the icon in the top right of the beats bar to expand the bar into Beats Mode. From here, StoryShop allows you to:

  • Create chapters/episodes and scenes as beats and title them
  • Create a pulse (restricted to 50 characters) for each beat
  • Create a summary for each beat
  • Add notes to each beat
  • Nest scenes inside of Chapters/episodes
  • Drag and drop beats
  • Assign POV characters and settings to beat
  • See visual icons for the cast in each beat (if story content exists)

There are also three different views to choose from when working in Beats Mode: 1) pulse view 2) summary view and 3) POV view. These views allow you to customize Beats Mode depending on how much information you want to see.

Planner or Pantzer, SS is Built for You

StoryShop was built as a universal tool to fit any planning style. So whether you like to spend weeks or months fleshing out a detailed outline before starting the first draft, or if you prefer to jump directly into discovery writing and add structure along the way, StoryShop has you covered.

For some of you, Beats Mode will act like a drag-and-drop outline that helps you see each beat or section of your entire story and arrange them in the way that makes the most sense. For others, Beats Mode will be an easy access notebook that allows you to plan out just in front of your creative whirlwind. For still others, Beats Mode will be where you share notes and messages back and forth with creative collaborators.

For others still, I'm sure ways of using Beats Mode will be discovered that I haven't even contemplated. I hope that's the case. In the future, Beats Mode will be expanded to include additional views and modes of planning. So let us know if there are additional tools you need to facilitate your creative process.

And don't let anything stop you from starting! However you plan and structure, the one thing you must do is jump in there and write!



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Feel free to google, poke, fan, or like him. But do so quickly, before he is disappeared by the FBI. Raised in Central Texas, David Mark Brown learned to ride horses at a young age. Then learned to hate them after a disastrous attempt to impress a girlfriend. He was five. Turning to a life of prose, he migrated north to the University of Montana (the Berkeley of the Rockies) and became the Redneck Granola.

David invites you to enjoy the show!

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