Join The Story

Join the Story was a daily writing prompt. It's no longer active! But the rest of this stuff is still relevant.

The Practical Bit

We are inviting the StoryShop community to sharpen their character development skills and deepen their understanding of human nature by writing flash fiction based on a series of daily, character-driven writing prompts. (These prompts are CHARACTERS, not real people, but we're making them as real as possible.)

Everyday in August there will be a new prompt. Either sign up to our email list to get the prompt in your inbox, or login to StoryShop, click the green plus sign in the bottom right of your dashboard, and select "#jointhestory" to access the daily prompt directly in StoryShop. At the end of the month all the prompts will be made available, incase you miss a few along the way.

This is a writing exercise. Do it first and foremost for yourself. But also keep in mind that we will open up submissions at the end of the month for a #JoinTheStory Anthology in an effort to reach even more people with our message of empathy.

Do the work. Get in your words. Stretch yourself with writing prompts that take your mind, heart, and spirit to a vast array of gritty, emotional places. We're all storytellers. This is how we get better at our craft.


Join the Story is a community movement.

The Inspirational Bit

We are also inviting each of us to share our stories with each other and then to use our creative skills as storytellers to pluck out the eyes of vastly different characters to see the world the way they do.

Hey, this is what empathy is all about. As storytellers, we believe Empowering Minds and Expanding Worlds is our responsibility. We entertain. We challenge. We confound. We inspire.

Our current societies are WAY TOO ROOTED in fear. All of us struggle with fear. This is intentional. Fear is a low-hanging fruit individuals, companies, media, and governments (ie. the Information Dealers) can commoditize to make lots of money.

Bottom line: our stories are being weaponized and used against us for profit.

That $*%@ ain't gonna fly anymore. #jointhestory is all about taking our narratives back and opening up a dialogue that crushes fear and hatred. It's time for open dialogue from all camps. None of us have this figured out. We'll make mistakes and missteps as we move forward. This community can handle mistakes. We will no longer tolerate profiteering from fear and hatred.

Join the Story calls for Pirate Publishing.

The Ideological Bit

This is where Pirate Publishing comes into focus. The Information Dealers need to be stopped. The Storytellers, if we become Pirate Authors, are the ones in position to stop them. Take back your narrative. Recruit your pirate crew. Sail under your own flag. Be beholden to only your readers. This is how we Join the Story.

What and Why is #JoinTheStory?

How do I #JoinTheStory?

The Crew of the Pirate Ship StoryShop

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"Get after it."


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