Johnny B. Truant

Track 1: Genre Therapy

Track 2: True Collaboration

You don’t need to go about this “writing thing” alone. You shouldn’t go about this writing thing alone. And in most cases, you can’t go about it alone — and trying to do so is holding you back from half or more of your potential as an authorpreneur. The Sterling & Stone Story Studio was founded on combining the powers of great folks, all of whom have different sweet spots … and in this session, they’ll show you how to collaborate with all sorts of others for maximum gain and maximum velocity.

Johnny B. Truant is co-owner of Sterling & Stone, an IP powerhouse focused on books and adaptations for film and television. He spends his days creating cool stuff with partners Sean Platt and David W. Wright, as well as more than 20 gifted storytellers. Johnny is the bestselling author of over 100 books under various pen names, including the Fat Vampire and Invasion series. He lives in Austin, Texas, where he’s finally surrounded by creative types as weird as he is.