How to Import a Document

StoryShop's Importer and World Wizard makes getting started easy! Our software automatically organizes your story by scene and chapter. To get the most out of the importer, you'll want to follow these simple formatting rules:

Center the Title of your book at the top of the first page

Title of the first chapter goes next


Add three hashtags after the chapter name. Your first scene goes here. Write on, lovely authors, write on!

Now that your scene is finished, add another three hashtags.


If you would like to start a new chapter, simply center the chapter title above the three hashtags.

This is a new chapter!


Now that your book is formatted for success, load it into the importer and watch it appear in your editor and beats bar before you can snap your fingers! Don’t forget to remove all spaces from the title of your document!

Once your story is loaded this is what it will look like:

Screenshot 2019-05-21 23.21.25

Now, before you gape and tell me "Woah, that's so cool!" I also want to tell you about the World Wizard. If you have a Pro StoryShop account, you can turn on the World Wizard after selecting which document to load. It will sift your entire document while it loads and provide a list of suggested world elements. Select the category each element belongs to and add them to your world bar one by one. If a character, place, or thing goes by more than one name, link the extras to your existing card as aliases. The World Wizard can help you catalogue your world in a matter of minutes!

Screenshot 2019-05-21 15.40.49

Don't worry, you can always edit your world cards and their relationships later. So if you accidentally put it in the wrong category, simply drag it into the correct category and keep on writing!



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  1. Avatar
    Patrick Maher

    Thanks Savy,

    This assumes I know where the Importer function is. I don’t.

    Just a PS – it would be great if the nameless buttons had word or two under them to identify what their function is.

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      StoryShop Uni

      The importer is available once clicking the plus sign on the bottom right-hand side of your main dashboard where all your books are located (if you have created any). You will see the option to create a fresh project from scratch, use a template (with suggested story arc outlines), or import a current project.

      Thanks for the feedback, we are developing hover over information to provide more detail and instruction of more complicated features. Hopefully this will provide quick reference for what certain icons do. We also have tutorial videos that go into more detail. Those can be found at
      Thanks for using StoryShop!


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