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    This isn’t a complain. I just want to make this clear. I understand that things need to happen in a certain order, and I don’t know where the offline version falls into that.

    I haven’t used Storyshop for anythign than the occasional test to see where it’s at became I am always on the road. that means I never know the kind of internet connection I have. I have days where I can’t get online, or the connection is so bad that the storyshop login page doesn’t connect, but the outage is the real reason why I can’ t afford to use the online version of the app.

    It lasted 5 days.

    That would have been 5 days I wouldn’t have been able to write, if I had been using it. 5 days is between 10,000 to 20,000 words for me. I don’t know how it would have affected my schedule, but I know I would have gone nuts during that time.

    I supported the app on kickstarter, and I want to use it, but while there are still bugs in the app that tell me it might be a bit of a headache to use it at this point, the only thing keeping me from moving my novels to it, is the fact that it’s still online, and as such I can’t take the chance it won’t work for me on random days.



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