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    Alison Woods
    Whether we write in first, second, or third person point of view deep point of view can make the story feel much more intimate and connect with our readers. I would love for this to be a discussion on what you feel Deep POV is, how we avoid things like author intrusion (Or ‘Narrating’) and what are some tricks you use to make sure you stay immersed in your characters’ world.

    A brief (rough) example of the difference, 1st with author intrusion:

    Kyra dropped the wrench with a hiss of pain. The seventeen-year old girl was sure that the 1942 M4 Sherman tank hated her and was breaking down just to spite her. “I bet most girls are figuring out what clothes to wear out on the town, not worrying about whether her crossbow is properly maintained and the tank is ready for maneuvers.” But she said it under her breath, not wanting to get another lecture from her father.

    Brief (rough) hopefully deeper POV:

    Krya hissed in pain and dropped the wrench, her knuckles bleeding. The old Sherman had it in for her, she was sure of it. If the shows on TV were to be believed, most girls her age were worrying about prom dresses and dates–not 75-year old tanks, holy water supply, and crossbow ammunition. But prom dresses wouldn’t get this tank running. She would. The ‘glory and burden of knowlege’–as her father put it–wouldn’t keep the monsters away at night. She would.

    I know these are probably not the best examples, but I am trying to illustrate. 🙂 In the first example, Kyra would never think of the tank as a 1942 M4 Sherman tank, even though that’s what it is. She is too familiar with it so she would think of it in her normal terms. She also wouldn’t think of herself as “seventeen-year old Kyra”. That is a narrator jumping in to tell us that bit of information.

    So? What do you say? Tips, tricks, and methods you love?

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