JTS: Wanda (Single Parent)

Every year when the holidays roll around, Wanda wishes she was still running her own ethnic, vegan bakery. But since her divorce, bundling her three kids for school, shuttling them to activities, and keeping them in decent health takes all of her time and energy. Now she's working for a regional chain. Early on, they pretended to be interested in a few of her recipes, but they wanted her to sign away the rights and let them be changed. Vegan wasn't commercial enough. Wanda works hard. Her manager wants her to work more hours and take over more responsibilities...while getting the same pay. She doesn't have the time or the flexibility to find a new job, and her boss knows it. Her mother wants her to find a new man. Ha. Lotta good the first one did. Wanda's trapped in a cycle that keeps her maxed out on her credit cards, her exhaustion, and her sanity.

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