JTS: Morgan (Child Loss, Child Illness)

Morgan had worked at the children's hospital for seven years. She was meticulous, and her work ethic sometimes led to other nurse assistants pressuring her to let up. Her supervisor increasingly leaned on her to handle duties that shouldn't have been hers...and that she wasn't being paid for. Even worse, they had been shorthanded for a month, and the hospital would most likely not fill the position. To do her job right, Morgan had to move faster while staying sharp. Halfway through a double shift, she decided to try some caffeine pills. She zipped through the rest of the shift--patient after patient. She drove home and fell directly to sleep. Five hours later she was awoken by her phone. One of her patients, an eight year-old boy, had been given the wrong IV bag last night. After an allergic reaction, he'd died two hours ago. Her supervisor needed her to come in immediately. Two weeks later she had been fired and was under criminal investigation for negligent homicide. The boy's mother was out for blood. Morgan's lawyer recommended taking a plea deal--going to prison. Morgan still couldn't believe she had been responsible.

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