JTS: Jameill (Profiling)

Some hopped up idiot jacked a couple hundred dollars from the till of the corner market near Jameill's flat. Of course the criminal mastermind had brandished a knife, and was a young, black male. Jameill just happened to also be a young, black male...and to be a couple blocks away when the crime had been committed. Luckily for the criminal mastermind, the police found Jameill first. Unluckily for Jameill, being a "young, black male" was all the commonality required to be detained by said police. After 24 hours in prison, all his college savings to post bond, and two months of being dragged to court, Jameill's freedom depended on the shopkeeper, an elderly man from Guatemala, to be able to tell two black people apart. Jameill found it increasingly difficult to not slip into the angry, black male stereotype his father had been--that everyone seemed to expect him to be.

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