JTS: Brayden (Gender Identity)

When Brayden and his friends received their name badges at comic-con this last year, they had a laugh while adding their pronouns to the badges. Brayden hadn't intended to use "zie/zim" as zir pronoun. But as zie held the sharpie in zir trembling hand, zie knew it was what zie wanted to do. The rest of zir friends didn't seem to think too much about it. At first, neither did Brayden. Later that evening, sitting on zer bed, zie realized zie had never felt so much peace about zir identity. Something clicked. For the first time, Brayden understood that zie didn't have to "fit" with every expectation for a male. Zie didn't have to struggle to fit the definition of manhood his parents so desperately wanted for zim. The new pronoun had felt like freedom. At the same time, Brayden knew then, and certainly knew now that zer path toward discovery would be a difficult one.

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