JTS: Annabelle (Neglect)

Annabelle just became the youngest person to ever win New York State's chess tournament, at the age of fourteen. Her father wasn't even there. It wasn't that she needed him there, or would have even noticed, it was the fact that he couldn't be bothered to show up. It wasn't like he was a brain surgeon, and someone would have died if he'd attended her tournament--any of her tournaments. He was a podiatrist. Whose feet had been more important than his daughter? Forget chess. That was her thing. She had been able to beat both of her parents since she was eight. What she wanted more than anything was to go camping with her father the last weekend of summer, right before school started--to head into the mountains and spend the weekend together. Her father had promised a camping trip every summer for the past six years. Yet another summer had come and gone. Well, forget her father. She could get along fine without him.

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