Dramatic Writing Soundtrack (w/vocals)

Setting the Mood

Sometime You Need Vocals Playlist by DMB

Here's my playlist for my Pirate Publishing Blog.

With this writing soundtrack, I went for high drama. I wanted songs all about tension and emotion, and for my two cents, tension and emotion are driven home by lyrics and vocals. While vocals can sometimes be distracting, I find that after I've listened through the soundtrack once or twice, the words start to wash over me without losing the power of the human voices behind them.

For this soundtrack, I chose lyrics that revolve around dire straits and uphill battles. This stuff is all about fighting the good fight until the bitter end. Hey, it's morbid, but that's what I find motivating when I face the beast and stare it down.




David is an authorpreneur, and StoryShop co-founder, determined to discover the natural evolution of digital storytelling. His published works span across all ages and several genres. Mostly, he enjoys exploding things. If you‘ve read for twenty pages and nothing has been blown up or shot, then David must be losing his edge.

Feel free to google, poke, fan, or like him. But do so quickly, before he is disappeared by the FBI. Raised in Central Texas, David Mark Brown learned to ride horses at a young age. Then learned to hate them after a disastrous attempt to impress a girlfriend. He was five. Turning to a life of prose, he migrated north to the University of Montana (the Berkeley of the Rockies) and became the Redneck Granola.

David invites you to enjoy the show!

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