Downtempo Editing Playlist (w/vocals)

Setting the Mood

Editors Need Tunes Too Playlist by Kasey

Here's a sample of the music I used to edit most of Wizards in Space!

As I edit, I often read the story out loud, so I don't always listen to music. However, the times that I do want music generally are during a first read or if I am drowning out other noise (working in a coffee shop, kids running around the house or watching cartoons), and in those instances I grab my most ambient, electronic, and chill music. The music can’t distract and must enhance my editing experience. I can focus while listening to this music, and it also makes me extremely happy and peaceful, and that's helpful while editing. 

This SoundCloud Playlist includes a sample of some of the songs I listen to while I edit. It turns out that I edited nearly all of the Wizards in Space Season One series to these songs, either in the comfy brown chair in my own bedroom or in a Moxie Java coffee shop in Kuna, Idaho. Two of those series are near completion, and one of them, Quest for the Wholly Pale by Leenna Naidoo, was released in July 2019.

I hope you enjoy my editing playlist. Happy Writing & Revising!



With her forge located in the mystical Treasure Valley in the forgotten realm of Idaho, Kasey Boles practices word-smithing, using her Undying Flame of Purification, her Anvil of Amelioration, and her three hammers--Analysis, Scrutiny, and Intelligence--to beat out, heat out, and delete out any imperfections found within the written works of her patrons. Never one to allow potential greatness to slip by the wayside, Kasey also uses her various other tools--The Grinding Wheel of Clarification, The Whetstone of Incisiveness, Buffing Beeswax of Brilliance, to only name a few--to bring out the shine and magnificence of any project brought to her, whether it be more functional documents, such as contractual agreements of land purchases, or more exciting manuscripts of fantastical accounts of fiction. Kasey’s years of study, practice, and working as a Wordsmith augmented and refined her already keen eye and deft hands, making hers a work of passion and confidence.

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