Course #2: Genre

Understand the Who and What

Not only is there a ton to know about the genre(s) you write in in order to please the readers of those genres, but we've discovered that many writers are stuck in the wrong genres. DMB, with the help of some of his writer friends, will lead you through the next dozen hours of lessons and exercises. Sign up for your free StoryShop account and follow along as we add new course content on a weekly basis. The adventure has just begun.

Your Creative Guide for this course will be Pirate Cap't DMB in all his grumpy glory. The content has been compiled from several of our favorite writers including:

  • Johnny B. Truant
  • Sean Platt
  • David Mark Brown

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  • Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Voice and Mood

  • Personality and Experience

Module 1: Genre Therapy

Module 2: Specific Genre Rules (Coming Soon...)

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