Course #1: Pre-writing

Write Smarter, Not Harder

There is a lot to be done before you start writing your story. Whatever your process or style, this course will lead you through the steps of preparing yourself to crank out the genius with less slip ups and creative roadblocks. StoryShop Savy, with the help of some of her writer friends, will lead you through the next dozen hours of lessons and exercises. Sign up for your free StoryShop account so you can practice what you learn and follow the rabbit hole as deep as you choose! The adventure has just begun.

Your Creative Guide for this course will be StoryShop Savy in all her bubbly glory. The content has been written and compiled by several of our favorite writers. You'll meet them along the way.

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Module 1: Know Your Book

Module 2: World Building

Module 3: Planning and Story Structure

Module 4: Meet Your Characters

Module 5: Understand Your Process

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