Bryan Cohen

Track 1: How to Become a Marketing Scientist: Testing Your Blurb to Boost Conversions and Earn More Profit

When a book isn't selling, most authors want to tweak the book description, the cover, or something else to fix the problem as quickly as possible. But Best Page Forward CEO Bryan Cohen has a message for you, "Slow your roll." The first step to ensuring better sales in the future is to run a little experiment. Step into Cohen's laboratory as he shares how to run a repeatable test that could help all of your books sell more copies forever.

A two-time USA Today bestselling author, Bryan Cohen loves keeping up with the publishing world through The Sell More Books Show. As the CEO of Best Page Forward, Bryan and his team have written over 2,000 book descriptions. Bryan's books have sold over 100,000 copies. He loves helping other authors put their best page forward!